Have hearing loss? Stop missing out. Live Caption is an easy tool to help you keep up with conversations. Launch the app to caption every word in real time. Spoken text shows large on your iPhone or iPad, so you can read what is being said.

Need to talk to someone with hearing loss? Using voice recognition software, your spoken words appear live on your device. Talk to anyone face-to-face with Live Caption.

Talk with family, friends, colleagues and strangers with no set-up or hassle. Use voice recognition to connect with the world around you and join in the conversation!

Need help understanding the waiter at your favorite restaurant? Open Live Caption and they can speak into your phone. Live Caption transcribes what they say in real time.

Jerry writes...

"I am deafened late in life and had no way to communicate with my wife, friends, neighbors, store clerks, and others. This app has given me back a major portion of my life. I can communicate again. The developer has continued to improve the app (he responds to suggestions, problems, accolades). My wife and I communicate using Live Caption totally.

I highly recommend the app and have found that other hearing impaired persons, Audiologists, and those with whom I use this app are amazed and excited about this technology. Kudos to its developer for making this app and personal captioning available."

Janet from Virginia writes... 

"With your app, you've made a difference in my life. I was born hearing. I've lost the majority of it after 23 years.... I'm now legally deaf and have been for about five years. I know some sign, but it’s not a primary language for most...and not for me.

Everyday tasks that require interactions with others can just be overwhelming. I just got my first android phone for Christmas, then I got your app. Clicking the "appreciate" button just isn't enough. You ROCK!"

At Live Caption, we love seeing and hearing problems that others don't. 

If you love the mission of making the world a more accessible place, please help by donating what to help pay for the development of new and useful additions to Live Caption. Thank you!

  Now Grandpa can see what I say to him!

Now Grandpa can see what I say to him!

 Connect better with friends!

Connect better with friends!

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