VR on Android's Ice Cream Sandwich is Awesome


From Boston.com/business

...It’s a pretty substantial upgrade, as significant as Apple Inc.’s recent rollout of its improved iPhone software. Up to now, Google has delivered separate versions of Android for phones and tablet computers. Ice Cream Sandwich combines valuable features from both versions and adds a lot of welcome improvements.

One of the biggest is in speech recognition. No, Android phones still haven’t caught up with Apple’s voice-controlled personal assistant Siri. But Ice Cream Sandwich makes it far easier to dictate e-mails and text messages. With earlier versions, you basically spoke one phrase or sentence, then waited for the software to do its stuff. Now, the process is continuous. Just keep talking, and remember to verbally add punctuation marks, like “comma’’ and “period.’’ The software transcribes sentence after sentence with surprising speed and impressive accuracy. It’s so good that you might start dictating all your text communications....

This upgrade works with Closed Capp and is awesome once you get used to speaking your punctuation. So exciting!